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Elevate Your Daily Diet

Private Chef Services

We offer bespoke private chef services custom-tailored to your culinary preferences and dietary goals.


Each week, Chef Anthea creates a fresh, delicious, heath-focused menu for you and your family. 

Let us take all of the shopping, prepping and cooking off your plate, and fill it with delicious, nutritious food all week!


You can benefit from a Personal Chef if you:

  • Have busy professional, school or family lives with limited time to cook

  • Are wanting more variety and creativity to your plate

  • Are looking to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle

  • Want to minimize expensive dining out and take-out dinners

  • Are recovering from illness or surgery and require a new diet founded on a specific healing approach

  • Feel uncomfortable in the kitchen, and want help with meal prep.


Anthea is excellent! Food is delicious. Flexible menu with large portions and a multi course meal. Healthy and open to various diets (paleo, keto). We have our meals dropped off weekly and reheat...Love the variety. Would definitely recommend! 

— Carolyn C


 What would I do without Bespoke Bites? The freshest and most amazing food, I love the surprise factor (I leave it up to them) and never disappoints! Thank you Bespoke Bite! ❤️ 

— Alvaro P

Our Service Options

We offer both in-person and delivered private chef services. Our service options include:


Once a Week, Bi-Weekly & Three Times a Week or Daily Service. 


What You Receive

Each week, you will receive health-conscious organic foods prepared with love and skill. We accommodate all diets including Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo & Vegetarian/Vegan requests, and specialize in custom-tailoring delicious menus with your dietary profile in mind.


As a Bespoke client, you will not eat out as much, which saves money. You’ll have more control over your diet and the quality of your food. We find that our clients end up spending less on groceries as our savvy chefs make full use of all ingredients and much less food goes to waste.


Let us handle all of the shopping, prepping and cooking for you and your family, so you can focus on what's most important.


What Is It Like to Have a Private Chef?

Imagine you and your family eating healthy, delicious food all week without having to visit the grocery store chop a single veggie! Bespoke Bites offers private chef services which are highly customized based your needs and desires. Each week, you get wholesome meals made from fresh, whole ingredients.


All Private Services Include bespoke menu planning specific to you and/or your family's dietary goals and culinary preferences. Menus will be approved by you and reworked based on your input. All shopping, preparation, packaging/serving, and clean up is done by the chef.


Services are billed as Daily Rates plus the cost of groceries. We have a 6 hour per week minimum including 1 hour for menu planning.


Your weekly menu can include: 


  • Our Snacks: Fresh juices in jars ready to go, protein bites, fresh protein salads, hummus dips, crudité & more.

  • Our Breakfasts: Egg bites, overnight oats, cut up fruits & veggies, granolas, whole grain muffins/pancakes & more.

  • Our lunches typically consists of 2 components such as a soup and hearty salad or a wrap/sandwich and salad with fruit or healthy snack if desired.

  • Our dinners typically include a main dish and 2-3 side dishes.

Get a Quote

Thanks for your interest! Chef Anthea will be in touch soon :) 

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